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National Day BBQ 14th July 2018

Visit to Cosne 2018

Two of the founder members of the Friends of Cosne

Deputy Mayor of St Albans, Mayor of Cosne, former Mayor of St Albans and the organiser of the Friends of Harpenden in Cosne

Friends of Cosne Wine Tasting

Friends of Cosne National Day BBQ 2017

Friends of Cosne Quiz 2017

Friends of Cosne Bastille Day BBQ 16th July 2016

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Friends of Cosne Quiz night in October 2015

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Pictures of Friends of Cosne Visit to Harpenden 2015

Pictures of Soiree


Harpenden Town Mayor Councillor Brian Ellis and Mrs Roona Ellis. M. Christian Vennink Mr Aymeric Jenkins

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Lunch at Woburn Abbey

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Return to France

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National Day BBQ

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2013 – Visit to Cosne on 30th Anniversary

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2014 – Quiz Evening

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2013 – National Day BBQ

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