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Town Twinning

The practice of Town Twinning started in the year 836. However, its growth occurred largely after the Second World War as a way of bringing European people into a closer understanding of each other and to promote cross-border projects of mutual benefit.

Since 1982 we have received a warm welcome on our regular visits to Cosne our twin town in France.

Our visits to Cosne are arranged every four years. The visiting Harpenden residents stay with French families for a weekend and experience their way of life. The last visit to Cosne was in 2013 and involved a visit to Bourges cathedral with English and French speaking guides followed by a visit of the city by land train, lunch in a local restaurant and some free time to explore. The return trip took in a small village where every other house was also a pottery. Sunday was spent with the host families, beginning for most visitors with a trip round the market in Cosne. Sunday evening there was a civic reception where gifts were exchanged to mark the 30th anniversary of the twinning.

Visits from The Friends of Harpenden

Just as Harpenden ‘Friends’ visit Cosne so the Cosne ‘Friends’ visit Harpenden. The last such visit was this year, 2015, from 22nd to 25th May when the programme was:

Friday evening – settling in with host families

Saturday – free with host families during the day, and in the evening a Civic Reception by Harpenden Town Council followed by a Dinner Dance at Park Hall

Sunday – an outing to Woburn with a tour of the house, lunch in the restaurant followed by a drive through the Safari Park, and in the evening, dinner with host families

Monday – visiting French ‘Friends’ leave Harpenden for their return to Cosne