Events and Visits

Each year we hold events which are a mix of social gatherings and fund raisers to support exchange visits.

Newsletter 2018

Our January 2018 newsletter is available to download here: Newsletter January 2018

Exchange Visit to Cosne

The visit will take place from Friday 8th June 2018 to Monday 11th June 2018.  We will travel by coach, crossing by Eurotunnel, leaving Harpenden early on the Friday, arriving in Cosne late afternoon and leaving early on the Monday morning. A group visit for our hosts and ourselves is usually arranged by the Cosne Committee on the Saturday with the Sunday spent with the host family. A soirée (dinner dance) usually takes place on one of the evenings. We will be staying with families in Cosne and the surrounding area. The cost is expected to be £160 per person. A further £20 may be required as a contribution to the French Committee in Cosne for the dinner.

The following points may be helpful to those making up their minds about coming:

  • The £40 deposit is non-refundable in the event of someone cancelling unless the Committee felt that the circumstances warranted a refund
  • There is a toilet on the coach and stops will be made at motorway service stations for refreshments
  • Participants do not need to be Friends of Cosne, non-members are welcome
  • Participants do not need to speak French as some hosts speak English
  • The balance of £120 will be payable by 21st May

If you wish to participate in the visit please contact the General Secretary, Elizabeth Briggs (01582 760608) for further information.


For 2018, our Harpenden based events are:

AGM The Engineer Wednesday 7th March
Quiz Park Hall Saturday 14th April
BBQ 12 West Common Way Saturday 14th July
Wesley’s Coffee Wesley’s Saturday 21st July
Wesley’s Coffee Wesley’s Saturday 20th October (morning)
Autumn Event Park Hall Saturday 20th October (evening)

Visits by The Friends of Cosne

Our visits to Cosne are arranged every four years. The visiting Harpenden residents stay with French families for a weekend and experience their way of life. The last such visit was in 2013.

Visits from The Friends of Harpenden

Just as Harpenden ‘Friends’ visit Cosne so the Cosne ‘Friends’ visit Harpenden. The last such visit was in 2015.